Tipicità festival, a great showcase for quality experiences

A unique experience that brings together small producers, big territorial brands, tourism destinations, new styles of travel and the excellent productions of high-end manufacturing in an, animated path.

Designed to recreate the experience of visiting an Italian village, Tipicità festival is a capsule fair that aims to enhance the uniqueness of productions, travel experiences and the galaxy of “know-hows” that makes Italy unique in the world.

At Tipicità festival tradition and innovation meet and dialogue.

A massive narrative that winds its way along three exhibition paths, five show areas and more than 150 events designed to give voice to the excellence, uniqueness and quality of typical products and new ways of experiencing the territory.

Tipicità festival represents a unique opportunity to make oneself known, tell its own story, confront each other, give voice to ideas and evolve.



Know hows

Tipicità experience

A newly designed, eventful exhibition itinerary designed to bring an engaging narrative to life.

Tipicità experience is the fruit of the 30-year journey undertaken by Tipicità festival, an innovative format created thourgh the fusion of event areas and exhibition paths. Tipicità experience recreates the unique experience of walking through the streets of a village, in contact with local communities, exploring artisan workshops to live and discover flavors and traditions.

Lively atmosphere, interaction, co-creation, local heritage, uniqueness of experience and emotions

Biotourism and ecotourism, wellness travel, the galaxies of microtourism, the evolution of agritourism and the new challenges of wine tourism, indigenous and endogent tourism, local diving, gourmet destinations and the search for spirituality or adventure in touch with nature.

An increasingly fragmented universe, rich and full of opportunities that puts the idea of storytelling at the center. Travel is the essential experience because it triggers change, and it is important to tell about it in the right way.

At Tipicità experience the protagonists are cities and villages, produces, artisans, creative people, accommodation facilities and tour operators, agencies and associations


The scent of biodiversity gven off by the glasses of wine, the surprising universe of monovarietal oils, and the new wave of local-inspired spritis.

Autoctono in Italian means “native”, so this path aims to celbrate biodiversity and what makes things special from birth. Autkthon offers an innovative key to storytelling starting from the Earth and working its way to the cellars and tables. Within specifications or beyond any fence, the winemaking landscape is constantly evolving, and behind each Vendemmia (the grape harvest) lie fascinating stories that, along this exhibition path, acn be told from the living voice of winemakers.

But also the world of extra vergin olive oil, the difficulties this sector is facing due to climate change, with a special focus on the mythical “monovarietals” (special extra vergin olive oils produced with a single cultivar).

At last but not least, spirits and distillates are also featured in Autokthon.

Mercatino di Tipicità

A real farmer market where producers meet consumers.

The Mercatino di Tipicità removes all sorts of filters and brings back to life the markets that enliven Italy’s squares on holidays. The ideal place to tell the values that lie behind products. To make consumers understand the choices that are made in the field, in the winery, in artisan workshops, etc.

The ideal place to showcase niche products, small hand-made productions, and to bring traditional street food back into the spotlight. Besides Marche region is the homeland of some of the most known Italian street food around the world: the fried Ascoli’s stuffed olive and the crescia sfogliata.

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