The treasures of the truffle lands

During the Terre del Tartufo festival in Pieve Torina on Saturday, Dec. 9 and Sunday, Dec. 10, local producers showcased the excellence they produce, grow and create in the territory of the Marca di Camerino Mountain Union.

The mountains, the blue sky and the clean, fresh air in the Sibillini Mountains tell us how everything that grows and is produced here is healthy and wholesome.

One spice in particular is indigenous to these areas. It is a lilac flower that encloses within it the precious red pistils: saffron. The company Delizie dei Fratelli Angeli found evidence of interchanges between the town of Camerino and Genoa as early as 1100 AD.

. This company deals with the cultivation of the bulb from its multiplication, to the harvesting of the flower, to the drying of the valuable pistils.
Enchantment of the Apennines is another curious reality featuring a girl who, immersed in nature with her animals, creates cosmetics and personal care products with the nourishing milk of her goats. Hand cream, face serum, chapstick…

Among the exhibitors, Fattoria Lucarini set up its space with its organic products. The farm raises sheep, cattle and pigs in a natural, “Farm to Fork” manner. They offer both fresh and processed meat and dairy products in their store.

Among the hills of Macerata, in Camerino, was recently born theItalian Distillery C&E from the idea of two young people who want to honor the place where they grew up. Alongside the bitter “Ciuco,” which among other ingredients contains Verdicchio di Matelica leaves, the boys produce gin and bitters with local herbs.
The Monti Azzurri Tipicità company in Muccia produces cured meats with Italian raw materials, trying to reproduce the flavor of yesteryear with modern production techniques. Their flagship product is “that spread”: a soft salami cured for two months. As the name mentions, they offer carefully selected typical products in their store.

Along the Valnerina, in Pieve Torina, Fronzi Bakery offers a foothold to enjoy hot meals, with fresh truffles when there are any, as well as baked goods such as bread, cookies, panettone…
Cerqua Truffles brought fresh truffles to the exhibition in addition to preserved truffle products. The Tuber Magnatum pico has dressed up the counter. This fresh autumn white truffle was harvested the same morning in the hills of the Marche region and cleaned from the earth directly at the fair to preserve the organoleptic characteristics as much as possible.

Only a few connoisseurs were able to taste the sauce with snails and wild fennel from the La Chiocciola del Magio farm in Cerreto D’Esi. This business, which has been established for only a couple of years, raises snails naturally under the open sky and, in addition to sauce, produces cosmetic products with the slime.
One treat is that of the Salumificio
of Otezzano, which in addition to producing classic cured meats and sausages, with natural casings and no preservatives where possible, has created a salami with the Paccasassi from the Conero gives it an extraordinary and unusual freshness.

If the intent is to seek out preserves the way they used to be made, it is definitely necessary to stop by the Mastro Casareccio company in Monte Urano, which turns all kinds of fruits and vegetables into “grandma’s preserves.”
The Cingoli-based company Nerovisciola brought to Terre del Tartufo its herbal bitters created with 21 types of herbs collected and dried directly by them. Harmonic is ideal to enjoy after coffee.
From the native Serrapetrona DOC grape variety, the Podere Sul Lago winery produces their selection: the Travenano. This wine ferments partially in steel and partially in barrique, where it is aged for one year.
From Umbria, the Mari Fedele company brought the largest black truffle. This family has been involved in truffles for five generations now: they planted the symbiont plants many years ago, do the harvesting and also the preserves to which no synthetic products are added.

Cesto di prodotti da Le Terre del Tartufo

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Cesto di prodotti da Le Terre del Tartufo
The treasures of the truffle lands
During the Terre del Tartufo festival in Pieve Torina on Saturday, Dec. 9 and Sunday, Dec. 10, local...